About you

Our brand reflects what we know about you so far and how we'd like to get to know you more.

We know that whether you're a major project or an SME, whether you're a Government agency or an Economic Development body or whether you're in contracts and procurement, Indigenous engagement, social performance or you're a business owner, we know you're operating in a complex environment.

When it comes to Local Content we know that you'll be driven by either legislative requirements, commercial gains, social dividends or wanting to create a point of difference with your client.

We also know that to achieve best in class Local Content you'll need to partner with numerous stakeholders and get the balance right to enable the change that you want to create, to produce the returns you want to get.

Finally, we're almost certain that what you need from Local Content

That's what we know so far. The next step comes from you. As we build tailored and targeted Local Content strategies the most important step is listening to your needs and identifying whether we can help.

That's what our brand says about us, we normally meet for a coffee, listen to your needs, identify a scope of work, connect you with a network and then go on the journey, through the complexities of your operating environment, to deliver the outcome that you want.